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Wellbeing can take a back-seat when working from home. Sitting, staring at a monitor all day can lead to a eye strain and an achy body. Furthermore, staying focused can be exhausting. The answer can sometimes be found by making the technology you use work for you.

Get ‘eye break’ reminders 👁

Install EyeLeo onto your PC to receive reminders to take ‘eye breaks’ from your screen. It can be easy to get engrossed in an important task and end up spending too long staring at your monitor. This can reduce your blinking rate and lead to dry eyes. EyeLeo gives you long breaks and short breaks. You can adjust the time between breaks should occur in the program’s settings.

Take a break to stretch 💪🏻

Visit on your PC for a 60-second mini-workout. There are a variety of workouts, each with 4 different exercises of 15 second each. Sometimes the exercises are chair-based so so you don’t even need to move away from your desk. The “RECHARGING DO NOT DISTURB” message across the top of the screen lets anyone who wanders by know to not interrupt your break.

Similarly, the New Tab Stretches extension for Chrome suggests a stretch to you each time you open a new tab in your browser. A description of the stretch is accompanied by an illustration to give you a good idea of how to do the stretch. If that particular stretch isn’t for you, a button in the top left of the window allows you to view another stretch.

Keep your focus 🌲

Downloading Forest onto your Android phone or iPhone encourages you to stay focused on a specific task for a set period of time. You start by ‘planting a tree’ which will take a set length of time to grow. If you get distracted and start using your phone during this time, your tree will ‘die’. Use the app throughout the day to see your forest expand and earn coins to increase your tree species options.

Download these websites, apps and extensions and see what works for you. They’re all free to use, so you’ve got little to lose.

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