10 Steps to Christmas on a Budget!


Christmas on a budget doesn’t mean it needs to be any less special. See team ACDI’s tips and tricks to saving pennies this festive season!

Step 1

Secret Santa 🎅🏻 – Buying for all of your friends or colleagues really adds up! Why not cut the stress by putting all of the names of your friends into a bowl, and picking a name out each, this is the person you buy for. This is a great idea as everyone will get a gift and it can be tailored to a budget that suits you! £10 or £5 Secret Santa’s are a fun way to challenge your bargain hunting skills!!


Step 2

Lists ✏ –  Making a shopping list early is a great way to find savings as you have time to search for deals on specific products from different shops. For example, Tesco Clubcard users get up to half price off of selected food, gifts and even electronics. If you still aren’t finding the right deals, try swapping your branded products for own brand or slightly cheaper alternatives (as often these products are made in the same factory).

Follow the link to download a free printable meal plan and shopping list from “Mums Make Lists” blog:


Step 3

Small savings 💰 – Let the small change add up on the run up to the big day by skipping that shop bought coffee and bringing your own from home. Why not ditch the meal deal and take last night’s left over dinner for lunch? What easy swaps can you make?


Step 4

Virtual Christmas 📞 – Phone calls to relatives on christmas eat up your call credit (especially overseas)! Don’t get caught out this year, organise to have a web call with your relatives or friends via free online platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Fcebook Messenger or Whatsapp.


Step 5

DIY gift boxes box 📦 – Plastic wrapping paper is not only bad for the environment, it also is a waste and expense that can be avoided. Paint up an old box (shoe boxes are great), or cover in newpaper to give an eco friendly touch to your gifts! Remember to be gentle when unwrapping on the 25th and store the paper carefully to be used again next year!


Step 6

Electronic Christmas cards 📧 – You don’t have to pay postage this year, send your relatives an electronic card via email! Check out the link below for some free animated cards.



Step 7

Bring your own food 🥳 – Don’t take all of the stress of hosting! Ask your guests to bring their own food or drink to add to the spread, this will share the costs and you might even get to try something new!


Step 8

Sharing gifts 🎁 – Instead of buying gifts for each member or a household, why not buy a board game or movie for them to play or watch together?


Step 9

The gift of time 🕰 – Make memories by giving a relative or friend a “time voucher”. This could be “coffee and catch up”, “child free night”, “a picnic”. These vouchers can be redeemed throughout the year, often costing nothing but your time. Get creative and make the voucher yourself and package in your DIY gift box!


Step 10

Sentimental gifts 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 – After all, Christmas time is about family and nothing is more special than a framed photo of your nearest and dearest or even a child or grandchild’s artwork. All you need is a cheap frame (or an old one painted up) and maybe some ribbon and extra decorations to stick on and you have a unique handmade gift ready to go under the tree.


We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful and would love to hear any that we have missed in the comments below.

Best wishes,

Team ACDI 🎄