Tips for Mindful Walking


These days, people are going for so many walks it’s become a cliché. We’re all so fed up being stuck inside that we’re glad to get outside! Whilst going for a walk in itself is a great way to take a break, adding an extra layer of awareness to it can make it more interesting. For this week’s blog, I want to give you some tips on how you might want to change your mindset when you go outside for a walk.

Mindful walking is about experiencing the walk more deeply. The best way to do this is to use as many of your senses as possible:

👂🏻 Can you hear the birdsong? 🐦

👃🏻 Can you smell the trees? 🌲

🦶🏻 How does you foot feel as you place it on the ground? 🥾

🤍 Also, do you feel a sense of gratitude that you can go outside and breathe the fresh air? 🏞

Do a rainbow walk 🌈

Here’s an interesting game you can play. It might help children notice more about what they see on their walk or help you take your mind of things.

Whilst you’re on your walk, see if you can find something that is each colour of the rainbow. You may see a red postbox, an orange sign, a yellow car, a green leaf, a blue fence and a purple planter. It may be nice to take a photo of each colour so you can remember your walk.

Where do you like to walk locally? 🗺

There are many great locations in our local area to enjoy a walk. For a short walk within Auchinleck, you may wish to visit The Knowe. The garden is about to burst with Spring colour, so now is the ideal time to visit if you want to watch it transform. Perhaps you like to travel out to the A-Frame site. Another option is the churchyard trails at Auchinleck church. There are lots of options, so please feel free to share your suggestions below in the comments.

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