The Knowe Garden Centre

Learn more about The Knowe Garden Centre. At the garden itself, we are working on installing a range of interesting attractions. Our Garden Services team can came and tidy your garden.

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What better way is there to enhance your surroundings than by adding flower beds, shrubs and trees to your environment? Also the benefits for wildlife and the environment should not be overlooked and in today’s modern world we should ensure we look after these for the future.

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Auchinleck Premier Landscaping have the experience to help you achieve your land potential.

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Our Core Services

We provide landscaping, ground maintenance, garden tidying, painting, turfing, fencing and more services.

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We have a wide range of clients who know that Auchinleck Premier Landscaping deliver on our promises.

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Contact Auchinleck Premier Landscaping and find out exactly how we can help you.

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Auchinleck Premier Landscaping

We undertake tree and shrub planting using quality materials sourced from approved suppliers.

Support To Engage Programme

Working with members of our community to make a difference

Alive and Kicking

We are able to design and undertake planting schemes for any size of project, from the small but highly rewarding floral gardens through to medium sized projects and expanses of future woodland.

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