Best Community Garden or Greenspace 2019

The Knowe Garden Centre won the ‘Best Community Garden or Greenspace’ at Groundwork’s 2019 Awards Ceremony.

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We aim for The Knowe Garden Centre to be a place people want to spend time in to inspire their imagination. It will be a haven for wildlife as well as being educational and productive.


  • Sensory Garden

    An area designed to stimulate the five senses – smell, taste, touch, sound and sight. Visitors with sensory deprivation will be able to have a relevant sensory experience. Furthermore, visitors with no sensory deprivation will be able to enhance their understanding and appreciation of their senses.

  • Poison Garden

    Visitors will be introduced to and educated about a range of plants that are poisonous and can be dangerous. In this unique and safe zone of the garden, you will learn about poisonous plants which grow in Scotland as well as elsewhere on the globe.

  • Wildlife Garden

  • Fairy Corner

  • Bog Garden

    The Bog Garden is watched over by our resident tortoise – ‘Hector the Garden Protector’.

  • Seating Area

  • Vegetable Growing Area

  • Butterfly Bar (Coming soon!)

    A place for butterflies to recharge!

Events & Activities

We hold a range of events and activities at The Knowe Garden Centre throughout the year.

We also carry out workshops with local schools, teaching the next generation to love nature!

Garden Services

The Knowe Garden Services is a social enterprise company, within the business wing of Auchinleck Community Development Initiative (ACDI). Any profits from the business are used to make ACDI more sustainable and assist it in its endeavours to increase employment opportunities and other benefits for people, not only in Auchinleck but also in the surrounding districts.
The Knowe Garden Services aim to provide a quality and cost effective service to its clients, where they be a local resident or a large organisation. We endeavour to work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their expectations and our straightforward and honest approach has lead to building good relationships with our customers and we carry out repeat business on a regular basis for a large number of our customers.

  • Garden tidy-ups

    • A tidy up before the season begins to allow you to focus on what you plan to do with your gardens in the Summer saving you having to do a lot of heavy work and clearing at the start of the season
    • Leaf clearance in the Autumn and clearing away any arisings
    • Pruning of shrubs, hedge cutting and the removal of arisings
    • Waste collection
  • Grass & Hedge Cutting

    • All operatives are trained in the use of the machinery they will be using to ensure the safety of themselves, customers, others and pets
    • Pre- and end-of-season cuts
    • Grass maintenance of large areas of land with heavy duty ride-on and pedestrian mower (Scags and Isekis) and general grass cutting with smaller machinery
    • Strimming and cutting areas to meet environmental standard with regards to flora, fauna and wild life
    • Hedge cutting
  • Pesticide/Herbal Application

    Licenced and Qualified Pesticide Application

  • Painting

    We can improve the appearance of your garden and your environment by painting or applying strainers to your garden furniture, sheds and fences.

  • Soft Landscaping

    We offer a tree and shrub planting service to our customers, including application and incorporation of composts and soil conditioners, supply and planting of a large range of specimens from small flowering plants to root balled trees, supply of hanging baskets, application of ornamental bark and woodchip, and much more.

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