Welcome to Our New Blog


Welcome to the first post of our new blog!

We’re building on the success of our money blog (if you’ve not have a look, give it a read!) and launching this new blog. Each ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ we will share a new post inviting you to consider a new wellbeing tool to help boost the positivity and balance in your life. We will consider a range of topics, so feel free to ‘experiment’ and discover what works for you.

This week, to celebrate, World Kindness Day on Friday, I invite you to think about what kindness means to you.

A fun way to spread kindness in the community is by creating a Kindness Rock. These painted rocks have cool designs on one side and an uplifting message on the other. Check out this video to see how to create a Kindness Rock:

Finished Kindness Rocks can be placed around the community or given to someone you care about.

Furthermore, if you received an Autumn Activity Pack, you will find inside it kindness postcards. These are a nice way to share positivity with a neighbour or friend.

Here are some ideas of some ‘acts of kindness’ you may wish to try:

🚲 Walk or cycle instead of taking the car in order to reduce your carbon footprint

🚯 Buy reusable products rather than disposable

🦔 Make places for wildlife to shelter (such as a Bug Hotel)

🛍 Donate unwanted clothes, toys etc. to a charity shop

🗑 Help a neighbour by taking their bins out, particularly if they find this difficult

Remember to think about how you can be kind to yourself and the planet or feel more connected to your local community. During lockdown, we heard about how kindness was important to communities and we hope that can continue into the ‘new normal’.

If you want to learn more about kindness, this video from Carnegie UK Trust takes an in-depth look at how kindness can be embedded in everyday life for individuals, organisations and the government.

I was lucky enough to take part in the fascinating project that was Carnegie Trust UK’s Kindness Innovation Network. It really changed the way I think about kindness and gave me a new perspective on the systems within the government and organisations.

~ Stuart Mitchell, Community Events Engagement Co-ordinator

Our header photo for our Wellbeing Blog is inspired by the fact that one act of kindness can ripple out and spread the kindness further.

Whatever you’re doing this be kind to yourself and connected to your community 🤗

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