What’s your morning routine?


Sleep well at night and getting up’s alright

You may be thinking, “Morning routine! How am I supposed to start a morning routine when I’m rolling out of bed like a zombie‽”

If you find yourself unable to get up as early as you’d like in the morning, the first thing you need to look at is the night before. Are you staying up too late? Having a good sleep routine is something we look at in another blog.

Get your brain working first thing

If you need a bit of encouragement to get out of bed, try the ‘Challenges Alarm Clock – Wake up Puzzles’ app. You can configure the app to give you ‘challenges’ to solve, choosing what types, quantity and difficulty suit you.
Download Challenges Alarm Clock – Wake up Puzzles from the Play Store

Use the first moments of the day to set you up for success

Using the first moments of the day to set yourself up for the day can help you get the most from your day. Check out the suggestions in the video below:

  • Avoid bad habits such as checking your phone to scroll through social media or browse the news as soon as you awake.
  • Check in with your mind and body.
  • Ask yourself what quality you want to cultivate today. Consider how your day will look if you stick to your intention. You could write your intention down or set a reminder on your phone to bring your attention back to the intention.

Best activities for the morning

Here’s some classic suggestions of activities for the morning:

read (if you want to get into the habit of daily reading, join the #Read21in21 challenge)
 mindful movement or yoga

Have you go any tips for a positive start to the morning you’d like to share? Please set us know in the comments:

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