Budgeting for 2021!


Today’s Financial Friday is focused on the second step to being in control of your money this year….. Budgeting!

Here at ACDI, we always suggest using a budget as this is an easy way to see money coming in, money being paid out and what money is left. Using a budget is also beneficial when you are saving for something specific or trying to get rid of debt.

Top Tips:

  1. When making a budget, be honest with yourself! (Even budget in the daily coffee or cake!)
  2. Allow your budget to be flexible, don’t feel like any decisions you make are final, finances are constantly changing.
  3. Take time to really think about your money – most issues arise when you avoid taking action.
  4. Ask for help!

If you feel like you are ready to make a budget but may get overwhelmed, give one of our advisers a call on 07555060664 📞

To get started on creating your own free personalised online budget, follow the link below!

Budget Planner – Free online daily, monthly and yearly budget planning tool – Money Advice Service

Good Luck! 🤞


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