Mindful Moments for when you’re short on time


Sometimes we get so busy that we leave ourselves without enough time to take a break to be mindful. However, being short on time doesn’t mean that you should miss out on you mindfulness practice. Here are some ways you could bring some mindfulness into a short period of time…

<60 seconds: Looking at Something ⛈

The ‘Looking at Something’ site allows you to change to on-screen weather by moving your mouse pointer towards the top or bottom of the screen. You could start off with the pointer towards the bottom of the screen if your in a bad mood and slowly move upwards as you calm down, turning a thunderstorm into a pleasant, sunny day enhanced with birdsong.

Visit Looking at Something (This is best viewed on a PC)

60 seconds: Pixel Thoughts 🌠

You start the Pixel Thoughts session by typing your ‘stressful thought’ into a ‘star’. There is then an animation with calming music and reassuring messages. Sit back, relax and sense your worries melt away.

Visit Pixel Thoughts

5(ish) minutes: Headspace Radio 🎙

These short podcast episodes are a great way to inspire some mindfulness in your day.

Check out Radio Headspace – tap your favourite podcast app to start listening

Everyday Tasks 🍽

By turning everyday tasks into an opportunity to be mindful, you can bring some mindfulness to your day without it taking up any more time.

Good activities top turn into mindful activities include mindfully eating your meals or mindful walking.

We hope you enjoy finding short moments to enjoy mindfulness throughout your day. Soon these short moments of mindfulness will start to add up and you will be able to approach each day with a sense of calmness and intention.

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