What is Mindful Movement?


Put simply, mindful movement is carrying out a movement whilst paying special attention to your motion and breathing. For example, you may inhale as you lift your arms above your head then exhale as you lower them back down.


If you think doing mindful movement means carrying out an ambitious yoga routine, don’t worry. Although yoga is a form of mindful movement, beginners can start of with stretches that are within their ability and range of movement.

If you need some suggestions of stretches, there are some great tracks on SoundCloud. Simply listen to these and follow along with the instructions, only doing what feels comfortable and within your range of movement.

You may wish to take note of your favourite stretches from the various clips and ‘flow’ them together into your own ‘routine’.


There’s no specific time that’s best for mindful movement, so think about what works for you. You may find getting out of bed and doing some stretches first thing helps to waken up your body. You can do some stretches throughout the day, for example, if your body becomes stiff from sitting around all day whilst working from home. I would recommend you leave plenty of time after eating before trying any intense stretches as the movement may divert the energy the body would need for digestion.

You can even bring mindfulness to everyday movements such as standing up from a seated position. You’ll be surprised at just how complex this movement is if you’re not used to paying such close attention, for example:

🦶 you may notice the weight shifting to your feet

🪑 your bum will slowly rise away from the chair

🧍‍♂️ your centre of balance will be completely shifted as your body rises up

As I say with all the other concepts discussed in this blog, experiment and see what works for you.

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