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‘Mindfulness’ is often seen as a wellbeing buzzword right now. Even if you’re new to the concept you may have some ideas what it means. In this week’s blog, I’m going to give you some practical tips to bring mindfulness to something we do (multiple times) every day – eating!

A great place to start if you’re new to mindful eating is by following the instructions in the video below:

Mindful eating isn’t about going on a fad diet. It’s about listening to your body and giving it the food it needs to fuel you.

Tips for before you eat:

💚 Feel grateful for the food. Think about the time and effort put into preparing it.

⏸ Take a moment to pause; don’t just wolf down the food.

🥛 Have a drink of water to ensure you’ve got enough fluid in your system to digest the food.

📺 Clear the area of distractions – switch off you’re TV so can focus on the food.

Tips for what you eat:

🍉 Think about the ‘water content’ of the food. Melons, strawberries, oranges, salads etc. are water-rich and help you stay hydrated. This is essential for keeping your body in a healthy balance.

👩🏻‍🌾 Think about where your food comes from. Try to chose locally grown food. Perhaps you could grow your own or check our what’s on offer from The Knowe Garden Centre (late Summer is a good time to get yummy veggies from there).

Tips for after eating:

Digesting food takes a lot of energy so ensure you give your body time to rest:

🚿 Wait for at least one hour before taking a shower;

🏩 Wait for at least four hours before engaging in sexual activity.

💤 However, it’s also best not to go to sleep straight after a meal as your body will be dedicated to the recovery processes that take place overnight rather than the digestion functions.

Once you become familiar with mindful eating, you may wish to move onto a more advanced version:

(Click the link and familiarise yourself with Soundcloud’s cookie policy – the data kind; not the edible kind)

If you find it difficult to remember to eat mindfully, why not print out this great graphic from ‘Summer Tomato’ and use it as a placemat on your dining table?

The wonderful ‘Mindful Eating Placemat’ from Summer Tomato

If you’ve enjoyed checking out the resources in this week’s blog, why not get in touch? We’d love to share with you more resources to help you learn about mindful eating such as tracking how different food make you feel. Call us on 01290 428 474 or message us on Facebook.

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