Managing Your Energy


In this week’s blog we will take a look at how to manage your energy. If you find yourself constantly drained and lacking the energy to engage in your interests, taking a step back may be a good idea.

Firstly, we suggest reflecting on what energises you (energy gainers) and what zaps your energy away (energy drainers).

Energy gainers

Some ways to help you boost your energy are:

  • engage deeply with hobbies to foster the qualities of enthusiasm, creativity and mastery
  • take proper breaks from your work, which means stepping away from your devices
  • go for a walk
  • do some mindful movement
  • eat well, have a balanced diet and focus on what you’re eating rather than looking at screens
  • get a good night’s sleep, free from technology
  • foster connection to others building the qualities of kindness, empathy and generosity
  • take a short meditation break, such as the one below:

Energy drainers

Here are some things that will result in your energy dropping:

  • scrolling through social media or your e-mail inbox
  • ruminating on negative emotions such as anger, fear, stress or nervousness
  • overthinking situations
  • overstimulation, such as being in crowded places, particularly for introverts
  • distractions preventing you from making progress

We suggest you limit the time you spend on draining activities and make time afterwards to do one of the re-energising activities suggested above. Have a look over your weekly schedule. Is it packed full of drainers with no time to replenish your energy? Look for opportunities to re-energise that don’t interfere with existing commitments such as walking to work, meditating on the bus and dedicating your full attention when you eat.

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