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Ingrid Fetell Lee’s work centres on finding joy in the world around us. An emerging body of research shows a clear link between our surroundings and our mental health, so she’s became devoted to bringing joy into the places we live and work, learn and heal.

Having conducted research into what ‘joy’ is, Ingrid wrote the book ‘Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness’. The book sets out 10 types of joyfulness:

🟡 Energy – Don’t be afraid to embrace bright colours – they can transform a space!

✨ Abundance – Think of glitter, sparkles, bunting, confetti – these small things repeated bring delight!

🌲 Freedom – Feel liberated and carefree by getting into nature!

📚 Harmony – Creating a balanced environment by overcoming chaos and disorder – such as a neatly arrange bookshelf.

🤾 Play – Play is so valuable for the development of children and is often lacking in our adult lives – do something just for the joy of it.

🧶 Surprise – Be brave, embrace the weird and wonderful – yarn bomb lampposts, cute messages written on sticky notes hidden around your home for others to find…

🎈 Transcendence – The joy of floating or flying such as in hot air balloons, zip lines etc.

🪄 Magic – Makes us question how matter behaves – and wonder whether elves exist!

🪅 Celebration – Moments which are the pinnacles of joy in life with pom-poms, confetti, fireworks, bursting shapes, glitter….

🌄 Renewal – Joy fluctuates, but will come back around. Nature takes over and replenishes.

Ingrid shares key finding from her book in her TED Talk:

Inspired to start adding some joy to your life? Start by tuning into what’s already around you. If you need help finding joy, download a Joyspotter’s Guide to give you prompts of where to look.

Drab, uninspiring surroundings may leave you feeling apathetic. Consider which of the 10 types of joy you relate most to and add some joy to your life. It could be something as simple as flowers in your home to redecorating a room in bold colours you were to shy to try before. For more inspiration, join The Joyspotters Society Group on Facebook.

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