How to Make a Kindness Jar


The first month of the year is almost at an end but we’ve still got a good way to go till the end of 2021. How do you want to remember this year? If you want to look back on all the positive moments with a sense of joy, I’d suggest you make a kindness jar.

What do I need?

A large jar would be best, such as a pick-&-mix sweetie jar. If you don’t have a jar, a box could work just a well. Perhaps you received a gift at Christmas which can in a nice box you just couldn’t bare the throw away – now’s the time to use it.

You’ll also need some paper to write your kind comments on. You could use anything, just cut it down to a business card size so they can be easily dropped into and picked out of you kindness jar. It’s best to stores these cards somewhere easily accessible so you can write something down in the moment. If you don’t, there’s a chance you’ll forget or the emotion will pass.

Record you moments

Every time something that inspires joy happens in your life, write or draw it onto a card. These could be moments such as:

  • when you laugh out loud 🤣
  • you feel in awe of nature 🏞
  • you have a sense of gratitude 🙏
  • you are the recipient of an act of kindness 💝
  • you overcome a barrier in your life 🚧
  • an inspiring quote you heard someone say or read in a magazine 🗨

Look back

Soon you will have collected a good variety of cards in your kindness jar. Having these moments to look back on is good for when you’re having a ‘bad day’. These moments in your jar can help to remind you that life isn’t always bad.

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