Guide Dogs ‘cheque out’ our Fundraisers


We had great fun raising money by holding raffles at various community events throughout the past year. We chose to donate the £500 we raised to Guide Dogs, helping them make a difference to the lives of people in the UK living with sight loss.

We were delighted to have Robert Blackwood, a local guide dog owner, visit us to collect a donation on behalf of Guide Dogs. Robert and his guide dog were accompanied by Tammy Robinson, Community Fundraising Development Officer at Guide Dogs. Tammy said that every penny of our donation will help another person who is blind or partially sighted get out and about and do the things many of us take for granted.

We chose to support Guide Dogs because they rely heavily on donations to continue their work. It costs the charity £55,000 to train and support and guide dog partnership. The cost of a guide dog to its new owner is a nominal 50p, ensuring that no-one is prevented from having one due to lack of funds.

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