Young People: You Decide

Auchinleck Fun & Memories Hub Proposal

During the weekend of 17-18 March 2018, we had a stall at the Funding Market Places in Cumnock and Drongan. You can see more information about the Funding Market Place on East Ayrshire Council’s website.

I’ve put together some information so you can find out more about the project.

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Seasonal Discos

We will put on 3 seasonal discos for local children – Easter, Halloween and Christmas. These have been operated in The Boswell Centre over the past year and have proved popular. Young volunteers assist by selling tuck and handing out chippys.

Summer Playscheme

We will also offer a Summer Playscheme for children from Auchinleck and surrounding villages. This will take place over the Summer Holidays of 2018.

Children will be given a ‘Summer Playscheme Passport’ which they will get stamped for each activity they partake in. Children will be put into teams. The ‘passport’ encourages repeat visits and teambulding. Each team will be allocated a young volunteer who will lead and supervise the group.

Activities will cover the following themes:
  • Arts & Crafts

    The participants can make a logo for their team and do activities and eat food from the counties in the world cup.

  • Space

    The participants will bounce on Space Hoppers (having races etc.), aim for a high score on the bouncy castle and attempt to navigate the Buzz Wire. The can also learn some facts about the planets.

  • Animals

    The participants will meet some creatures and learn some facts about them.

  • Fairground/Circus skills

    The participants will play funfair games such as ‘Hook the Duck’, slide down an inflatable helter skelter and learn some ‘Circus Skills’.

  • Waste Reduction

    The participants will take part in a recycling workshop.

  • Where I Live

    The participants will reflect on the local area and their home, including making a cardboard replica of their house and material ‘texture boxes’ to stimulate younger children.

  • Celebration

    The participants will bounce on the bouncer. We will all reflect on what we’ve achieved, looking at the stamps earned. We will also reward volunteers for the contribution you have made. Feedback from participants will be sought at this event.

Heritage Events

We will also put on an event which celebrates the rich heritage of the local area. Young people will create dramatisations of the stories of local people from times gone by. This will include the stories of people from the Pennylands Camp. A display and performance day will be held in The Boswell Centre.

Research and rehearsals for this event will take place over the summer holidays.

See the Sway below for information on the local heritage-themed event we held in June 2017…

Living Advert Calendar and Lantern Festival

During December, young people will have their artwork displayed in the windows of local shops. This ‘living advent calendar’ will be launched with a lantern festival at The Knowe Garden Centre.

Volunteer support and development

Throughout the project, volunteers will receive support from the co-ordintator, recording their achievements at supervision sessions. (It should be notes that ACDI are currently working towards Volunteer Friendly accreditation.)

The project will show the positive impact that young people can have on their local area.