Community Welfare Champion service launched


The team that operates the Support to Engage Programme have recently launched a new service to help people to understand benefits and help them get what they’re entitled to.

Community Welfare Champions James and Shona will be based in Muirkirk Community Hub from 10am ‘til 2pm on Mondays.

Community Welfare Champion, James McLaughlin explains,

“We will be engaging with clients who might not understand how to apply for benefits such as PIP, ESA, Universal Credit and Carers Allowance. We’ll help clients by giving them a better understanding of how their benefits work and making sure they get what they are entitled to. We also have people coming to us if they are needing help with their universal credit.”

James’ colleague, Shona, added, “We also help clients out with trying to win appeals if, for instance, they have been unfairly sanctioned.”

If you think James and Shona could help you out, please come along to Muirkirk Community Hub on a Monday for a chat and a cup of tea/coffee. If you can’t come to us, call 01290 428 477 or 07745 732 905 to make an appointment and we can meet you in a location more suitable for you.

Our Community Welfare Champions are also keen to make links with other organisations in the local area to help them get an understanding of how their organisation works. If you think a link with our Community Welfare Champions would benefit your organisation’s clients, please get in touch.

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