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Simple activities can help stimulate your child’s interest and increase their awareness of the need for good wellbeing. For this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday blog, I will describe some activities you can do with children to encourage them to think about their emotions. We are also providing activity packs with the materials required to carry out the activities, read on to find out more.

Glitter shaker

For this activity, you will need the materials from your pack, plus a glass jar (such as an old jam jar you would otherwise have put in the recycling).

When you shake the jar, the glitter and water get stirred up, making the water cloudy. Our mind is like the glitter; when we get caught up in our thoughts and emotions, it can be difficult to see clearly, which impacts our perceptions and decision making. Practicing mindfulness can help us to become aware of this process, create some space between our thoughts, emotions, and reactions, and allow ourselves the opportunity to settle.

In this activity, one of Hector’s friends, a tortoise or his underwater cousin the turtle, represents you. The glitter represents your thoughts. When the globe is left undisturbed, the glitter settles and the water becomes clear again.

Stress ball

A stress ball can be a good tool to let your stress go.

The stress ball is made using 2 balloons and a filling such as rice, which are all provided in the activity pack.

We find that this breathing exercise if a good way to use your finished stress ball: clench your fist around the stress ball and you inhale. Hold this for a short while. Now exhale, letting you of your stress and your grip on your stress ball.

Getting your hands on a pack

This Wellbeing Activity Pack is brought to you by the STEP team, who also put together the Summer and Autumn Activity Packs during 2020. If you live in Auchinleck, please complete the form below. Families in Netherthird should contact Netherthird Community Centre. Packs are also available for families in Muirkirk to collect from the former Co-op shop and Toll Garage.

Auchinleck Sign-up Form
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