Calming Mindful Colouring Pages to Download


Many of us enjoyed colouring-in when we were younger. However, the trend of mindful colouring for adults had a buzz about it over the past few years.

Mindful colouring can be good for wellbeing as it engages your mind whilst also keeps your hands busy if you’re fidgety. Keeping the mind focussed on making the design look great prevents your mind wandering to other thoughts or worries.

Here are a selection of colouring sheets to try on a range of topics to help calm anxiety and inspire kindness.

Calm colouring 😌

To foster some tranquillity give The School Counselor Is In’s Mindfulness Coloring Sheets a go. Just click the images to view then download/print.

You could also inject some positivity with these positive vibes lettering and rainbow sheets from Primark’s Pinterest page.

Kind colouring 🥰

The British Red Cross allow you to download  free PDFs of their prints on the theme of kindness. These are available in black and white to allow you to add your own touch to the designs using colours of your choice.

The best designs to colour in include Ruby Taylor’s, Supermundane and Timothy Hunt’s.

Lockdown colouring 🧻

Reflect on what we’ve been through over the past year with Belinda Kou’s ‘Social Distancing’ colouring page, which features which features toilet rolls, breadmaking ingredients and Netflix binges.

Grab your coloured pencils, crayons or felt tips and pass the time with this peaceful and soothing activity. I won’t tell if you don’t stay in the lines. 😉

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