Building Block Elements: Abstract concept to practical actions


Sometimes wellbeing concepts can be very abstract, making it difficult to understand how they apply to everyday life. In this blog, we will take a look at how the concept of the ‘building block elements’ relates to an ordinary day. You don’t need to take the concept too literally. However, it’s a good way to consider what you need in life and whether you’re getting the balance right.

Get into the mindset 🎧

Firstly, I’d invite you to listen to the podcast episode below. It give you a little background into what they acknowledge as a pretty ‘out there’ concept.

Fire 🔥

How does the fire element apply to me? Well, we can think of an internal fire as our body temperature. Have you ever noticed that after exercising outside (even going for a walk) can leave you warmed up? The heated glow can last for a while even after you come back indoors.

Another way to bring fire into your life is through experiencing a fire. You could watch a video online and enjoy the bright glow of the colours and the calming crackle, as we discussed in our blog about Coorie. Even without the physical heat of the fire, these sensory cues can help bring a sense of warmth to your body.

Water 💧

Water is another element that we should pay attention to. The water element manifests in your body in the form of sweat, blood, saliva and urine. It is important to keep the water element in balance keeping yourself well hydrated. Try using a water tracker such as the app Waterful (available for Android or iPhones).

Another practical way to feel more connected to the water element is to go swimming. The more adventurous among you may also want to look into wild swimming!

Earth 🏞

In our busy lives, which we mostly spend indoors, we can easily forget to stay connected to nature. What are some practical ways to feel more connected to the earth? A mindful walk in nature can help. Fanatics may even encourage you to walk barefoot to feel maximum connection! Another approach is to go camping and feel grounded as you sleep on terra firma.

The earth also provides us with nourishment. Taking up gardening can help us to appreciate where our food comes from.

Air 🌬

The air element can easily be forgotten about despite the fact it is such an essential part to life. Within the body, the air element is represented by the breath. Some mindful breathing exercises can help if you feel disconnected to the air element.

You may also have noticed the rejuvenating quality of the air element without realizing it. Have you ever used the expression “blow the cobwebs away”? Get outdoors and experience the wind blowing away your worries!

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