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Wellbeing with Your Money


489 ViewsMoney worries affecting your wellbeing? In this week’s blog, we share some resources looking at balancing money and wellbeing. Keeping your finances in check is a good way to maintain your sense of wellbeing. In the video below, financial wellness expert Alex Holder discusses how changing your perspective on how you spend money can […]

Building your Resilience


442 ViewsWhat is resilience? Resilience is the psychological quality that allows some people to be knocked down by the adversities of life and come back at least as strong as before. ~ source: Psychology Today How can I boost my resilience?  In this video, hear about how Dr Lucy Hone’s own resilience was tested and […]

Calming Mindful Colouring Pages to Download


433 ViewsMany of us enjoyed colouring-in when we were younger. However, the trend of mindful colouring for adults had a buzz about it over the past few years. Mindful colouring can be good for wellbeing as it engages your mind whilst also keeps your hands busy if you’re fidgety. Keeping the mind focussed on making […]

Relax with BBC Soundscapes for Wellbeing


388 ViewsIn this week’s blog I wanted to share a resource I came across recently. BBC Soundscapes for Wellbeing allows you to listen to the relaxing sounds of nature on demand. The BBC explain why they chose to pursue this project: The Covid-19 pandemic has led many to seek refuge in nature and reconnect with […]

Using ASMR for Wellbeing


368 ViewsMany people are trying out ASMR as a way to bring relaxation into their lives. It can be a strange concept if you’ve never tried it before. As everyone feels the sensation to a different strength, not everyone will get the relaxing benefit but it’s a low-risk technique. What is ASMR? ASMR stands for […]

Discover Joy in Your Life


418 ViewsIngrid Fetell Lee’s work centres on finding joy in the world around us. An emerging body of research shows a clear link between our surroundings and our mental health, so she’s became devoted to bringing joy into the places we live and work, learn and heal. Having conducted research into what ‘joy’ is, Ingrid […]

Managing Your Energy


442 ViewsIn this week’s blog we will take a look at how to manage your energy. If you find yourself constantly drained and lacking the energy to engage in your interests, taking a step back may be a good idea. Firstly, we suggest reflecting on what energises you (energy gainers) and what zaps your energy […]

Improve your Wellbeing with a Spring Reset


406 ViewsSpring is traditionally a time for cleaning your house. Being stuck indoors during the recent lockdown has given more opportunity for clutter to accumulate in our homes whilst also making us keen to get back out and about again. Here’s some ways to take a ‘Spring reset’ which could boost your sense of wellbeing… […]



280 ViewsIf you’re new to mindful wellbeing, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of meditation. You may have some misconceptions about it. In this blog, I wanted to show that meditation is for anyone. Like all good habits, it can take a little up-front investment but once it becomes part of your daily routine, you’ll have […]