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What is Mindful Movement?


69 ViewsPut simply, mindful movement is carrying out a movement whilst paying special attention to your motion and breathing. For example, you may inhale as you lift your arms above your head then exhale as you lower them back down. What? If you think doing mindful movement means carrying out an ambitious yoga routine, don’t […]

How to do Mindful Breathing


52 ViewsFor this blog, I wanted to share with you some simple, practical tips for mindful breathing. They require no special talents or equipment and be done by anyone, anywhere. Try one of these exercises when you’re stuck in traffic, waiting for the kettle to boil or in bed if your mind’s racing and you […]

Does boredom spark creativity?


111 ViewsLockdowns have gave us plenty of time to be bored! Do you think that being bored is a bad thing? Having nothing to do can lead you to make bad decisions just for the sake of having something to do. Those who are boredom prone can turn to drugs, alcohol or excessive technology use […]

How to take control of your mobile phone usage


112 ViewsDo you feel as if you spent too much time on your smartphone? Both Android and iOS devices now come with settings built-in to help you keep tabs on your usage. Check out our tips and the videos below for an introduction to the features. Firstly, you may wish to shift your mindset. Picking […]

Tips for Mindful Walking


137 ViewsThese days, people are going for so many walks it’s become a cliché. We’re all so fed up being stuck inside that we’re glad to get outside! Whilst going for a walk in itself is a great way to take a break, adding an extra layer of awareness to it can make it more […]

Tips on how to sleep better


147 ViewsFor this week’s blog, we share some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep. Feel free to experiment and see what works for you. Avoid blue light The first thing you should consider if you want to get a good night’s sleep is your night routine. If you’re using devices just before […]

Supporting your Children’s Wellbeing


110 ViewsSimple activities can help stimulate your child’s interest and increase their awareness of the need for good wellbeing. For this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday blog, I will describe some activities you can do with children to encourage them to think about their emotions. We are also providing activity packs with the materials required to carry […]

What’s your morning routine?


128 ViewsSleep well at night and getting up’s alright You may be thinking, “Morning routine! How am I supposed to start a morning routine when I’m rolling out of bed like a zombie‽” If you find yourself unable to get up as early as you’d like in the morning, the first thing you need to […]

Mindful Moments for when you’re short on time


157 ViewsSometimes we get so busy that we leave ourselves without enough time to take a break to be mindful. However, being short on time doesn’t mean that you should miss out on you mindfulness practice. Here are some ways you could bring some mindfulness into a short period of time… <60 seconds: Looking at Something […]

Work from Home Wellbeing Tips


149 ViewsWellbeing can take a back-seat when working from home. Sitting, staring at a monitor all day can lead to a eye strain and an achy body. Furthermore, staying focused can be exhausting. The answer can sometimes be found by making the technology you use work for you. Get ‘eye break’ reminders 👁 Install EyeLeo […]