Get Cozy for Winter with the Art of Coorie


Coorie. A Scottish word you may think is more associated with snuggling. However, the definition has evolved to mean a way of life. We can embrace Coorie in our life through what we eat, wear and buy. Have a look at these resources about how Coorie can be good for your wellbeing.

This video from our friends at COPE explains the ways Coorie can help improve your wellbeing.

A lovely way to bring Coorie into your life is with a warming fire. Watching a video of the crackling fire can be help bring a sense of warmth without the hassle and expense of a real fire.

This month, wrap up warm, get outside and enjoy the warm Autumnal colours. Coorie can be found in the places we visit but sometimes we need to change the way we look at things.

To find coorie reference points we just need to look with fresh eyes at the same streets we’ve walked down hundreds of times.

~ from The Art of Coorie: How to Live Happy the Scottish Way by Gabriella Bennett

Learn more in the book, The Art of Coorie: How to Live Happy the Scottish Way by Gabriella Bennett, which you can reserve from East Ayrshire Libraries.

Learn more about the book in this report:

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